Metropolitan College provides adult English language learners resources to help them improve all of their English language skills.

It takes courage, passion and motivation to learn a language.
We believe you can do it and we want to be a part of your exciting journey.
Let’s get there together!

Learn to love your IDIOLECT and to improve your skills

An IDIOLECT is the unique way that each person uses language. This includes the way you speak and write as well as your use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Whether you are speaking your first language or a different language the way you communicate is always unique.

To continue learning you need to appreciate your unique idiolect and to focus on adding new expressions, structures, sounds...instead of focusing on communicating like someone else.

In other words, focus on finding YOUR VOICE in English.

Individual Learning Plan

We encourage all learners to create an individual learning plan and to work towards their goals each day.

Communicating with Confidence

Use the new expressions that you learn right away. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. This will help you build more confidence every day.