The Metropolitan College iSpeak ENGLISH! method is……
designed to help you communicate in the real world.…….

In each conversation circle you communicate in English about a
variety of interesting topics. There are new topics in every session.

The goal is for you to understand a little bit more and for others.
to understand you a little better after each session..………………..

The skills you build will help you communicate confidently in both.professional and social situations.……………………………….


1. Where are the conversation circles?

We offer sessions online through our 5 Day Kaizen Challenges.
2. How does the method work?

In each conversation circle the teacher follows you.

She encourages you to communicate and then gives you the information you need to express your ideas clearly.

She also answers all of your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and other questions.

3. What do we do in each conversation circle?

You begin each conversation circle with a chat to get warmed up.  This is light conversation, also called “small talk”.

Then your instructor introduces the topic of the day and everyone participates in a discussion about this topic.
Your  instructor sends you a video and an article about the topic before the each conversation circle so that you can prepare if you have time.

At the end of the session the instructor asks each participant  “what’s on your mind?” This is your chance to speak about something that is interesting to you.

Throughout the conversation your teacher helps you express your ideas in the most natural way.

4. Will the instructor correct every mistake I make? 

No.  Your instructor helps you find the words and phrases you need when you are trying to communicate.
She focuses on giving you feedback that will help you improve accuracy and fluency.

5. How many participants are in each session?

There are usually 3 or 4 participants and the maximum is 5 participants.

6. Where are the participants from?

Participants from all over the world are welcome to join.

This class is especially popular with Japanese participants.

7. How many levels are there?

There are 2 levels. For more details see the My English Level page.

Most 5 Day Kaizen Challenges are for Level A (High Intermediate & Advanced) participants.
However, we encourage all participants to try it.

8. Do I take a placement test?
No.  You try it out to see how you feel in the conversation circle.

9. How do I progress to a higher level?

If you begin in level B, you can try level A whenever you feel ready.

In every session the teacher focuses on the individual needs of each participant.

The goal is to improve  in every session.

10. Will I have different teachers?  

You may have a different teacher on a different day.

All of our teachers have taught using the iSpeak ENGLISH! method for many years.