About Us


Our Mission is to help you improve your English language skills so that you can work, study and socialize with confidence
in English.

Our learning methods can help you improve your speaking, writing, listening, reading and pronunciation skills.
They also help you increase your active vocabulary and learn how to form grammatically correct sentences.

As you learn at your own pace, each week you will see that you understand more when you listen and read and
that people understand you better when you speak and write.

How to improve your English every day

To learn English quickly you need to improve your language skills every day.

It is important to watch TV, movies or Youtube clips in English.
This will help you with your listening comprehension skills.

Many videos have transcripts.  Watching and reading the transcript is a good way to improve your listening skills.  Working on your listening skills is also a good way to improve your pronunciation.  The more you hear and recognize the sounds that you need to work on, the easier it becomes for you to pronounce those sounds.

Taking small group classes or private lessons each week will also help you progress.  If this is not possible, try looking for people in your community or online who want to speak English with you.  They can be native speakers or English language learners like you.

It is also important to read in English every day.  Pick up a newspaper and read an article or find something enjoyable to read
online.  It is easier to improve your reading skills if you read things that you enjoy.  So, get your favourite magazine in English and practice reading.  This will help you improve your vocabulary because you will see lots of new words and English idioms and phrases.  It will also help you improve your grammar as you will see many correct sentence structures that you can use when you are speaking and writing.

Finally, it is a good idea to keep a journal in English.  Write a little bit each day.  You could write about your day or make a list of new things you learned.  This will help you see which vocabulary you need in order to express your ideas.  If you want to write something and you can’t find the right word then ask your teacher how to say it the next day in class.

Remember that in order to be successful at anything you need to work towards specific and achievable goals.  If you do the things mentioned above to work on your speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills, you can improve your ability to communicate in English.