My English Level


When you participate in a Conversation Circle using the iSpeak ENGLISH! method you can choose one of two levels.

Read the description for each level and decide which one best describes how you feel when you are speaking English.

Level A (High Intermediate & Advanced)
- You have had many conversations in English.
- Sometimes you feel shy when you begin speaking but you become more comfortable and confident after a short while.
- You can generally follow most conversations and understand what others are saying.
- You like it when people correct your mistakes and teach you new expressions.
- You are always looking for opportunities to practice your speaking skills.

Level B (Beginner & Low Intermediate) 
- You have had some experience speaking in English but not very much.
- You feel very shy and nervous whenever you are speaking English.
- You often feel you don’t have enough vocabulary to share your ideas.
- It is often difficult for you to understand what others are saying and to follow the conversation.
- You feel you need more practice at a slow pace in order to build your skills and your confidence.